Live Events

Anything But The Gym was truly an enriching and enlightening experience for our group…I would recommend Anything But The Gym!

Jeanetta, Shearman & Sterling, LLP

Our individually-tailored, live events consist of three unique parts:

The Workout: Each event kicks off with a workout led by a fitness professional, or “Captain,” who is responsible for motivating and inspiring participants. The Captain will create an original workout specific to the goals of the group. The session will cater to individuals of all fitness levels. Participants will be encouraged to exercise at their own pace and everyone will receive a printed copy of the workout so that they can re-create it on their own time. With warm up and cool down included, this section of the event will last approximately 40 minutes.

The Workshop: After we sweat, a special guest speaker will join our group. This person specializes in a particular area of health and fitness. (Examples of previous guests include health and fitness editors, personal training/nutrition professionals, as well media experts in the health and wellness space.) The focus of each workshop is tailored to the specific interests of the group. All of our workshops are upbeat and very interactive. The workshop section of the event typically lasts 30 minutes.

The Reception: Now for the really fun part: The remainder of the event will be dedicated to a reception where the group will enjoy healthy and delicious drinks and snacks. Host Mary Gillis, as well as the event Captain and guest speaker will attend, giving everyone the chance to have their health questions answered by the experts. At the conclusion of the event, everyone will receive a special gift-bag of healthy goodies that will help them jumpstart their fitness routine!

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